Our mission

Is to create and curate unique opportunities for audiences to connect with their favourite artists, experience exclusive events and be immersed in documentary-style storytelling – all in the comfort of their local cinemas, across the globe. We believe that the cinema remains without peer in its ability to connect, engage, entertain and move people.

What we do:


Piece of Magic Entertainment (POM) distributes world-class events to audiences in 3000+ cinemas in over 80 territories - from multiplexes to independent cinemas and non-traditional venues. Through our vast cinema network and industry relations we engage audiences with tailored content and unique cinema experiences. We support our releases with impactful marketing campaigns to reach wide audiences and maximize returns.

What we do:


With our exclusive long-term partnership with André Rieu Productions we bring over three decades of experience in concert production and the creation of bespoke content for multiple formats to our projects. Our state-of-the-art digital studio, post-production facility and experienced crews allows us to offer international, integrated one-stop production solutions for artists, organizations and rights-holders. 

What we do:

Worldwide rights

Piece of Magic Entertainment is a leading player in international sales of event cinema content, with extensive experience in managing a diverse range of format rights: Theatrical, Video, Television, Ancillary and Digital. Our approach to global rights management is always underpinned by a strategic, well-planned release pattern to facilitate full exposure and monetization of each format, with due consideration for traditional and non-traditional windows.

Got a magic idea?

Piece of Magic Entertainment is always looking for ground-breaking concepts (executed or non-executed) for content production and/or global distribution.